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Jars Ceramics

Jars Ceramics

Jars Ceramics is a fourth generation family owned company, founded in 1857.  Their stoneware dinnerware sets are inspired by Provence, blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative design.  Founder Pierre Jars vision of creating works of art for everyday use remains unchanged in the factory where they began.

Manufactured in the south of France, the Jars factory employs 80 to 90 people, and the production process combines hand craftsmanship with technology and modern equipment.  From clay to tabletop, each piece passes through the hands of 17 ceramists before completion.  Using the highest quality natural raw materials, the artists create organic, casual dinnerware sets using techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.  Colors are manufactured using minerals and natural pigments vitrified at high temperatures, and their glazes are unparalleled in beauty.  The resulting products are ideal for everyday use delivering superior durability. 

Here are the steps in the production process:

  • Batch preparation:  Using 5 or 6 tones of clay, it is thinned out, filtered and dried

  • Shaping:  Four different processes are used for shaping the clay depending on the final product, using either machines or hand-designed molds.  Each piece is hand finish before drying

  • Glazing:  Three different processes are used – flow coating, hand dipping, and spray glazing

  • Firing:  Five kilns are used to fire items at 2850 degrees F.  Each firing cycle last 9 hours – 4 for heating, 5 for cooling

  • Sorting:  Items are polished and sorted by hand to either prepare for shipping, to fire a second time, or to discard the items that are flawed.



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