Porcelain is a white, vitrified ceramic using the essential clay, kaolin.  Porcelain is fired at extremely high temperatures, which results in a tough, strong and translucent "fine china".  It is also resistant to thermal shock or rapid temperature change.  Unlike earthenware, glazing is not required to render it impermeable to liquids, thus allowing interesting effects in combining "bisque" with glazed surfaces.  Only porcelain made from clays in the Limoges region of France are permitted to be marketed as Limoges china. 

Although porcelain is renowned for highly decorated patterns using precious metals, many collections today are simply white.  They are ideal for everyday use due to their strength, dishwasher and microwave safe features, although they are often perceived as fragile because of their relative light weight and translucence.

We carry only the finest porcelain products, most made in Europe.  Products are hand finished by artisans who have learned their craft from previous generations of craftsmen working in factories that ,in many instances, are centuries old.  

Check out our French Porcelain Dinnerware Guide for detailed information on Limoges Porcelain.

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