with Metallic Decoration

Porcelain with metallic decoration is just that - porcelain that has gold and platinum in the design.  The range of decoration is enormous - from simple metallic banding to very heavy use of metal and hand painted techniques.

Most manufacturers recommend hand washing these patterns for the best long term results.  However, patterns that have moderate metallic trims can be cleaned in the dishwasher with the following care:   

-  Set your dishwasher to "China", "Low Heat", "Delicate", "Air Dry" - the term will vary depending on your model.

-  Use a non-acidic gel-based detergent.  This is true for virtually all fine tableware, as it is less abrasive.  Consider what it would be like to wash your hands with powdered soap - over time the skin, or finish will be affected.

-  Don't touch the dinnerware until it is completely cooled.  As metals soften under heat, you could accidentally leave a fingerprint in the metal!


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