Gien France – Beautiful Faience Dinnerware

Gien dinnerware patterns are renowned for their beautifully drawn and richly colored designs, as well as the variety of unique shapes.  Various artists are chosen to produce the unique designs which are executed with strict attention to detail and many quality control inspections, often inspired from their centuries of archived collections.  Each Gien pattern includes not only dinnerware but also various serving pieces.  Many patterns include oven-safe bakeware items.  The collection also includes solid colored patterns and their popular Filet colors which mix perfectly with their highly decorated motifs, allowing customers to easily create a unique table setting.

Gien China Production

Although often referred to as Gien China - that is really a misnomer as the type of clay used is faience.  Faience is a porous glazed paste composed of various earthenware clays. Most important of these clays is kaolin, the main component of porcelain.  Kaolin adds strength, durability and whiteness of color.  These attributes make faience superior to most earthenware products.

Most stages of the production process at Gien are done manually.  Up to twenty hands touch each piece - from molding, firing and decorating - up to the finished product.  Many pieces are hand decorated, such as the finials of teapots, mugs and plate edges, while some patterns are completely hand painted.  The skills of Gien artisans are handed down from generation to generation, evident in the intricate detailing of each product. 

We have been fortunate to visit their factory in France to see the care and skill of their staff at work.  We watched them prepare the clay, mix the glazes - which requires precise measure of ingredients - apply intricate decals, hand paint pieces, fire and inspect finished pieces.  It’s an intense process that makes you wonder how the products don’t cost much more than they actually do.

Gien dinnerware is dishwasher safe, and are intended for use in the microwave only for reheating foods, under a minute only - not for cooking.  As with all our dinnerware, we recommend you use a low heat setting and non-acidic gel based detergent in your dishwasher.  Their bakeware products are oven, microwave and freezer safe.

A bit of Gien History
Gien China manufacturing was established in the city of Gien France in 1821 by Englishman Thomas Hall who introduced English earthenware manufacturing techniques.  Situated by the Loire River, its location is ideal for the transportation of raw materials used in production.  Every stage of production is completed at the factory, from the sourcing of materials to the finished product.    

It’s fun to create a unique table setting with Gien patterns.  First, the majority of them have the same creamy glaze for the background.  Then, with the Pont aux Choux and Filets color choices, you can mix solids with patterns quite easily.  We would be delighted to assist you in creating a beautiful, unique service.  

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