J. Seignolles

J. Seignolles was acquired from La Fabrique in 1962 by Henri Seignolles and partners.  La Fabrique was one of the first porcelain factories on the edge of the Brigueuil Forest, founded in 1825 by Francoise Baignol, a true innovator.  He was the first to pioneer gas firing techniques in Limoges, which created a revolution in the making of porcelain.

When the company was acquired and renamed J. Seignolles, significant investments were made to totally overhaul the factory.  The addition of a new high firing tunnel kiln in 1976 caused the factory to be relocated to a new site in Limoges where it remains today.  J. Seignolles became the first Limoges factory to execute long-lasting decorations unaltered by time and guaranteed to be dishwasher-safe. 

J. Seignolles continues to uphold artisanal skills by producing porcelain manufactured and decorated exclusively in Limoges.  The company offers a range of patterns made of extra white fine china paste, and they strive to combine time-honored elaborate inlay ornamentation with a more contemporary collection.

In 2008, the factory was awarded the "Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) by the French State.  This label recognizes its excellence in Limoges production, and honors the skilled artisans that have crafted its products over the centuries by hand painting, inlaying, sanding, burnishing and designing fine china.  J. Seignolles has an outstanding reputation and can be found in fine restaurants and famous dining tables around the world.

In 2022, J. Seignolles was acquired by and merged with Haviland & Parlon.

Products are warehoused in France and typically take 8-10 weeks to deliver. 

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