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Jars Ceramics is a fourth generation family owned company, founded in 1857.  We've carried Jars Ceramics since 2007, and it is one of our most popular collections.  Jars stoneware dinnerware sets are inspired by Provence, blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative design.  Founder Pierre Jars vision of creating works of art for everyday use remains unchanged in the factory where they began.  Manufactured in the south of France, the Jars factory employs 80 to 90 people, and the production process combines hand craftsmanship with technology and modern equipment.  From clay to tabletop, each piece passes through the hands of 17 ceramists before completion.  Using the highest quality natural raw materials, the artists create organic, casual dinnerware sets using techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.  Colors are manufactured using minerals and natural pigments vitrified at high temperatures, and their glazes are unparalleled in beauty.  The resulting products are ideal for everyday use delivering superior durability.

Why we love it

Jars Ceramics are a wonderful collection for the contemporary table, which we have carried since we opened our doors.  The images on our site are great, but if you haven’t seen their glazes in person, prepare to be astonished, there are none on the market that compare.  Even better, Jars Ceramics are dishwasher and microwave safe.  

Tourron is their core collection which is available in several colorways.  Many of them coordinate so you can design a wonderful, eclectic table.  Avocado, Indigo, Jade, Quartz and Blue Chardon are glazed the same on the inside of the pieces as the outside.  Then, Cherry, Orange, Ecorce, Eggplant, and Samoa have 2 different glazes on the inside and outside.   Cherry, Orange and Ecorce are glazed matte brown on the outside, Eggplant is matte white outside, and Samoa is matte black outside.  Samoa has quickly become one of our most popular colors.

Consider the following combinations if you are going to mix colors of Tourron:

Ecorce, Indigo

Blue Chardon, Eggplant, Quartz

Cherry, Orange, Avocado, Indigo

Tourron Samoa with Simon Pearce Barre Slate

Vuelta and Plume collections are completely different than Tourron.   If you love the idea of organic shapes, Plume is for you.  Vuelta and Plume are glazed the same in both White Pearl, and Ocean Blue, so the pieces mix and match beautifully.  Tourron Quartz also is a wonderful choice to coordinate with these 2 patterns.  Further, if you are seeking a really dramatic statement, consider Vuelta in Grey Silex colorway.

Vuelta and Plume in White Pearl have such a range of subtle colors in the glazes that they also look wonderful with several Alex Marshall Studios colorways, and Ocean Blue looks wonderful with Annieglass Salt.  We would enjoy the opportunity to assist you in designing a special table setting.

Coming soon:

Cantine – dinner service with new shapes and glaze colors

Jardin de Maguelone & Reflects de Maguelone – organic shaped bowls in a wide range of colors

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