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Mary Jurek is a renowned designer of hand hammered stainless steel tableware.  She began her career designing diamond jewelry, and although she won awards in that field, she was frustrated that her friends were unable to afford her designs.  Stainless steel was a material she enjoyed working with, and so she began further exploration of its properties to develop a beautiful collection of food safe, easy care products.  Further, her understated designs coordinate effortlessly with both dressy and casual settings, or contemporary and traditional ones.  In 2014, she won the Award for Design Excellence for multiple products.


The majority of Mary’s collection is made in Thailand, where the craft of annealing metal by hand has been passed on through generations of artisans.  Each piece is cut from 18/8 stainless steel, then heated over fire until white hot.  Repetitive blows from a hammer begins to drive the metal into its design.  This process is repeated until the piece is in its final form.  Then, each piece is hand polished to a beautiful lustrous finish and engraved with Mary’s stamp.  With little care, these durable items should retain their original beauty for a lifetime of service. 


Mary Jurek products offer wonderful features.  Stainless steel items are dishwasher safe, no polishing required.  But what we enjoy most of all is that the clean, simple designs work well with in nearly any table setting or decor.  One of our favorites is an Aurora tray with a colored Symphony Bowl with a spreader or spoon.  It's a wonderful and popular gift that everyone can enjoy.     

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