Philippe Deshoulieres

Philippe Deshoulieres, founded in 1826, is a leading Limoges porcelain manufacturer, recognized throughout the world.  Their painters and decorators have knowledge handed down through generations, inspired by both classic and contemporary trends in interior design and fashion. 


The Deshoulieres group employs 300 people in 3 modern factories, which combine the use of raw materials with high tech methods.  Fired at very high temperatures, the Limoges porcelain ensures high resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks, and is very hygienic as it is non-porous, so it neither chips nor cracks.

Philippe Deshoulieres is constantly challenging itself towards more sustainable development, and to use less resources while offering uncompromised quality.  Their porcelain is produced from minerals free from chemical additives, and fired in kilns specially created to reduce gas consumption.  The Group takes part in the VEE association, Watch Environment Enterprise, which makes monthly internal checks and reports on methods to improve environmental protection.


Take a look at their highly decorated patterns, which are beautiful when mixed with white dinnerware or with patterns decorated with a simple metallic border.  The possibilities are endless to create a lovely, unique table service.

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