Ricci Argentieri

Ricci Argentieri has been one of the most respected and renowned silversmiths in Europe since 1840.  Their headquarters are in northern Italy, where sterling silver flatware is still produced.  They are committed to producing exceptional quality and beauty, and will not compromise their standards for ease of production.  Ricci flatware patterns extend to the ends of the pieces and on both front and back, detailing which is found only on the best flatware.  Every stainless steel flatware piece is manufactured with ultra-modern machinery that specializes in intricate designs, and is made with high quality 18/10 , which creates stainless that is lustrous and heavyweight.  Knives are forged carbon steel, and the resulting collection is unusually strong.  Each piece undergoes a rigorous quality inspection.

Ricci flatware patterns are unique in the industry.  With beautifully detailed patterns, many times their stainless steel flatware is mistaken for more expensive silverplate.  As a result, they are often the ideal choice for those who desire a dressier table without the fuss of silver maintenance.  Yet they also offer a range of classic patterns with less decoration for the more contemporary table. 

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