Sambonet dates back to 1856 when it was founded by Giuseppe Sambonet, a nobleman so renowned for his gold and silversmithing abilities that he was entrusted with the restoration of all precious and sacred objects under the custody of the Duomo of Vercelli.  In 1932, the company built a production plant capable of industrial scale production, particularly for silver-plating.  They use high quality materials and an exclusive molding process to manufacture their designs.  Stainless steel is 18/10, and silver is 99.5% pure, with hardness of coating up to 2 times more than traditional methods. Sambonet continues to refine the quality of its products to this day and has earned the title of official supplier to many noble families, among them the Duchess of Genova and HRH the Count of Turin.  In 2009, the company purchased Rosenthal.

Today Sambonet flatware is offered to those who appreciate beautiful things, the pleasure of using articles in which painstaking design, perfect manufacture and skilled craftsmanship are taken.  Take note of their special finishes as well – gold plate, black plate, and copper plate.  These finishes are made using PVD process (physical vapor deposition), which produces a strong and scratch resistant surface - and best of all dishwasher safe, just like their stainless.  All products are made in Italy unless otherwise noted.

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