Simon Pearce Vermont Evergreen Trees, a breathtaking collection of styles and sizes to create your own personal forest!  Some of our customers display these only during the Christmas season, but they are truly just the best representation of evergreen trees on the market.  Hand blown by Simon Pearce artisans in the U.S., they are wonderful during any season.  Collect or give one each year, and consider adding one of his LED lights to draw attention to these beautiful evergreen trees.  Echo Lake Trees add a unique look to your forest, and are beautiful on their own.

Unless otherwise noted, orders typically ship in 5-7 business days. We will send you an email with availability and anticipated ship date of your order.

Vermont Evergreen 4
Vermont Evergreen 4"
4" H
Price: $70.00
Vermont Evergreen 6
Vermont Evergreen 6"
3.5" W x 6" H
Price: $115.00
Echo Lake Tree 8
Echo Lake Tree 8"
8" x 4.5"
Price: $180.00
Vermont Evergreen Bubbles 8
Vermont Evergreen Bubbles 8"
8" H
Price: $180.00
Echo Lake Tree 10
Echo Lake Tree 10"
10" x 6"
Price: $215.00
Vermont Evergreen 10
Vermont Evergreen 10"
4.5" W x 10" H
Price: $175.00
Vermont Evergreen Bubbles 12
Vermont Evergreen Bubbles 12"
12" H
Price: $240.00
Echo Lake Tree 14
Echo Lake Tree 14"
14" x 6.25"
Price: $265.00
Vermont Evergreen 14
Vermont Evergreen 14"
5.5" W x 14" H
Price: $235.00
Vermont Evergreen Bubbles 16
Vermont Evergreen Bubbles 16"
16" H
Price: $290.00
Vermont Evergreen 20
Vermont Evergreen 20"
5" W x 20" H
Price: $345.00
Vermont Evergreen Platter
Vermont Evergreen Platter
11.75" x 13.5" x 2" H
Price: $125.00
Rechargeable LED Base
Rechargeable LED Base
4.5" W x 1.7" H, stainless steel finish

This rechargeable base is very cool - it has 3 levels of brightness, and holds the charge for about a week.  Even better - when you turn it on, it stays on for 6 hours, shuts off, and then turns on again the next day at the same time you turned it on yesterday and repeats the cycle!
Price: $98.00

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