Woodbury Bowls

Simon Pearce Woodbury Bowl features his iconic and renowned square shape.  One of Simon's most popular collections, it makes a wonderful serving piece or art statement.  Made in America of hand blown glass.

Unless otherwise noted, orders typically ship in 5-7 business days. We will send you an email with availability and anticipated ship date of your order. 

Woodbury Bowl Extra Small
2.25 " H x 5.75 " W
Price: $65.00
Woodbury Bowl Small
3.5" H x 7.5" W
Price: $110.00
Woodbury Bowl Medium
4.5" H x 10.5" W
Price: $145.00
Woodbury Bowl Large
6.5" H x 13.5" W
Available to ship within 2 business days
Price: $235.00

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