The Just Slate Company

Since 1992, The Just Slate Company has been producing tablewares made of slate which are hand cut in Scotland.  Layer upon layer of fine-grained, foliated rock has fused together over time under low heat and huge pressure to create the unique slate used in all products.  By striking the raw slate correctly, skilled workers can split the layers to create a flat surface with a detailed "riven" edge.  Throughout the production process they focus on the elegance of the finished product, using traditional methods as each piece of slate is selected, cut, shaped, oiled and inspected before packing. Black slate pieces are beautifully finished with foam backing, and are suitable for soft cheeses or foods that don't require "sawing" to cut.  Silver Slate items feature a smooth edge backed with foam feet and a very durable hard slate variety that makes it ideal for cheeses and foods that will be cut with a sharp knife.


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